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Your garden planner for 2023
25 Jan

Making sure your garden is well prepared for the year is time well spent – you can plan what new plants you want to invest in, whether any structural changes are on your wish list, and take time to get your soil condition in order and ensure that any raised beds, pots and baskets are ready for your annuals.

Our garden planner offers a checklist of jobs month by month – to get ready for the busy spring and summer season, and ensure that everything is done at the right time to put the garden to bed as the weather cools.

Download the Earth Cycle Garden Planner for 2023

As well as taking care of any lawned areas which you have it’s important to plan ahead to get any bulbs in the ground at the right time and bring on more delicate plants under glass so that you don’t lose them if there’s a late cold snap. Take some time to think about colour, height and flowering seasons so that you enjoy blooms for as long as the weather allows. And don’t forget to add in some structure, so that things don’t look too bare in the autumn and winter months.

Our range of composts, barks and mulches will help you get the best out of your garden in 2023. We also stock high quality tools, seed mats and biodegradable trays. Explore our range to help ensure you enjoy a successful gardening year!

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