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Peat-Free and Organic Bulk Topsoil for All Your Gardening Projects

Bulk bags of topsoil are a convenient and cost-effective solution for gardeners of all levels. Earth Cycle's multi-purpose topsoil can be used for a range of garden projects, from refreshing your flower beds and borders to larger allotment projects. Whatever your project, Earth Cycle can provide all the bulk bags of topsoil you need to give your plants and vegetables the nourishment they need to grow strong and healthy.

If you want to grow a new lawn or improve your existing one, our high-quality peat-free bulk topsoil is perfect for providing a nutrient-rich base layer for sowing grass seed.

We can deliver your order to your property in under five working days, and depending on your location, you might be entitled to free delivery. Our team can deliver bulk bags of topsoil to your address, along with any other of our products. We do ask that someone is present for our deliveries, so if you have any special directions, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Browse through our selection of bulk topsoils to find the right product for your next gardening project.

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Why use Earth Cycle Bulk Topsoil Products?

All of our nutrient-rich, peat-free quality bulk topsoils help to retain moisture, resulting in better drought tolerance. This means that your plants and vegetables will have more moisture available during dry periods, which is essential for their growth.

These high-quality, premium products, which include our lawn top dressing, are excellent all-around topsoils for gardening and horticulture. Adding critical nutrients like nitrogen, phosphate, potash, and trace elements to plants and crops improves their growth, promoting healthy gardens, raised beds, and borders. Because these nutrients are released over a period of weeks as the peat-free compost breaks down organically in the soil, it's often preferable to invest in a bulk topsoil delivery service so you don't run out of soil in the middle of a project.

Flowering and fruiting are maintained, and foliage is kept green and healthy, thanks to its natural slow-release robust root growth. This promotes healthy soil microbial activity and micronutrients, which helps to naturally reduce plant disease, assuring the health of your flower beds and grass seeds. In heavy clay and sandy loam soils, drainage and aeration are improved, and body is added to light sandy soils, making gardening considerably easier.

Please note that we can deliver bulk bags of our premium multi-purpose topsoil, organic matter and soil improver virtually anywhere in the UK, however, prices, terms and conditions may vary depending on your location or what time during the working day you would like your products delivered.

Bulk Topsoil Supreme

This produced top soil is BS3882 certified. This is the ideal product for all your landscaping needs, made with a perfect blend of quarried sand and our own PAS100 organic compost soil conditioner. This topsoil is excellent for establishing vegetable plots, new gardens, bulb planting, allotments, and raised beds. This product contains our organic peat-free compost, which adds an extra boost of organic goodness, ensuring that everything you plant has access to essential nutrients in order to thrive.

Bulk Lawn Supreme

Lawn Supreme is perfect for reviving your garden lawn. This lawn top dressing can be used to sow grass seed into and level up your lawn, as well as work fantastically under fresh turf. To encourage healthy root growth, we blend with compost.

Why not use this multi-purpose product to create the perfect lawn for your summer garden? 

BS3882 Topsoil

Ideal for landscaping in and around construction and infrastructure projects that require a technical certificate. It is also great for use in the garden because it is high in nutrients and aids the retention of water and moisture, making it the ideal organic matter to be used close to concrete and decking. It meets the requirements of BS3882:2015 for the grade ‘Multi-Purpose Topsoil.'

Bulk Turf Dressing Rootzone

Our Turf Dressing is of the highest grade. Rootzone is made for top-dressing lawns, filling divots, laying turf, and planting seed. Our turf dressing is made from peat-free compost and sand, and it's filled with nutrients to help the grass grow stronger and last longer.

You can fill any hollows that have formed on the grass surface and keep applying the product. Over time, this will create an optimal soil structure and Rootzone for your turf. We also recommend purchasing our bark bulk bags.

Bulk Wildflower Topsoil

Because wildflowers require less nutrients than most plants, we've created a high-quality wildflower soil medium with the ideal nutrient content for flower beds and borders. March and April is a perfect time to sow seeds into your wildflower topsoil.

What to expect from our products

All of our products are kept undercover to ensure that they are kept in good condition and may be used despite the weather. Depending on the product, our items can be supplied in convenient bulk bags that hold 750 litres or 1 cubic metre. Most of our topsoil is 10 mm screened, which is perfect for any landscaping project. Contact our sales office to find out how to get your hands on them.

Earthcycle collaborates with the Woodhorn Group to supply ethically made goods throughout the United Kingdom. In the video above, you can learn more about our methods.

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