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Compost Mulch

Product Details

Earth Cycle's Compost Mulch benefits all kinds of soils as it's perfect for planting roses, trees and shrubs and being used as a weed suppressor.

It can bring vitality to any garden by easing heavy clay soils and making them workable, building structure of light soils, enhancing water retention, reducing loss of nutrients (leaching) and stimulating beneficial soil life. It is fully compliant to PAS100 standard.

How and where to use Compost Mulch:

  • Earth Cycle Compost Mulch benefits all kinds of soils. It helps to lighten heavy clay soils and make them more workable.
  • It improves the structure of light soils, as Compost Mulch enhances water-holding, reduces loss of nutrients (leaching) and stimulates beneficial soil life.
  • It is best used when incorporated into the top 15-20cm (6-8”) of soil.
  • Beds and borders can be mulched any season of the year, however to get the best results we would recommend you apply mulch in late spring or autumn when it is not too cold and the soil will be able to stay damp.
  • To get the best results ensure our compost mulch is spread evenly across your chosen surface.
  • Our mulch is ideal for plant materials as it’s full of nutrients and is perfect for vegetables/fruit such as tomatoes or strawberries. It is ideal for plants in your garden all year round.

Planting Roses, Trees and Shrubs

  • Soak the root-ball in a bucket of water.
  • Dig a hole twice the diameter of the root-ball; at least 30cm (1ft) if planting a bare-root.
  • Mix one part of Earth Cycle Compost Mulch to two parts of soil.
  • Place some of the mix in the bottom of the hole and refill around the roots.
  • Firm in carefully and water well.
  • During the first season water well.

As weed suppressor/mulch

  • Significantly reduces weed burden, so less for weeding and less use of pesticides. 
  • Spread area with a layer of Earth Cycle Compost Mulch at 10-15cm (4-62”) depth.


How do we make our mulch?

Our organic mulch is made from recycled garden cuttings from local doorstep collections, civic amenity tips and deliveries into our composting site from local landscapers.

After being inspected, this is then shredded and formed into batches before being put through a sanitisation and stabilisation process over 14 weeks before being screened to the desired size. The final product is tested at regular intervals to ensure it is PAS100 certified - an industry recognised standard.

Nutritional Analysis 


Total mg/litre

Water Soluble mg/litre

Nitrogen (N)



Phosphorous (P)



Potassium (K)



Calcium (Ca)



Magnesium (Mg)



Sulphur (S)



Iron (Fe)



Typical Properties*:



Bulk Density

0.492 g/litre





Electrical Conductivity

1140 us/cm



We also have a range of products that are the perfect substitution to our Compost Mulch, such as our Topsoil Supreme, Turf Dressing Rootzone and Compost Soil Conditioner. We also provide Woodland Mulch which is ideal for flower beds as this product has a bark texture appearance to the mulch.

Compost Mulch


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