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Cow Compost

Product Details

Why use our peat-free Cow Compost?

Earth Cycle's peat-free Cow Compost is a nutrient-dense soil conditioner which is a blend of composted cow manure from our own award-winning organic dairy herd and composted plant material. It is compliant to PAS100 standard.

It is ideal for vigorous root, shoot, and bud growth in roses, vegetables, fruit and herbaceous borders. Our Cow Compost improves drainage and aeration in heavy clay soils and adds body to light sandy soils, helping to retain moisture and nutrients and bring back liveliness to your garden.

Benefits of using cow manure in compost

  • Improves soil - Cow manure compost can help with soil structure and can help provide nutrients for all kinds of plants, including flowers and vegetables.
  • Eco-friendly - Using cow manure in compost is a great way to manage excess cattle waste. 

Cow Compost nutrients

  Total mg/litre Water Soluble mg/litre
Nitrogen N 6888 96.2
Phosphorous (P)  928  43.4
Potassium (K)  5540  3022
Calcium (Ca)  9950  74.0
Magnesium (Mg)  1172  14.6
Sulphur (S)  952  130
Iron (Fe)  2655  12.7

Cow Compost

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Feefo reviews

based on 12 reviews.

  • Appears very clean of plastic contaminants, uniform size and ready to use. Spreads easily and appears to mix in well. As of yet I am not able to report on it as a growing medium as only started planting into it.

  • Good compost for no dig gardening

  • Its good poo in a big bag

  • Well rotted fine compost/manure mixture.

  • Good quality compost delivered on time

  • Good quality cow compost.

  • Wish there should be more cow dung

  • As mentioned above I can't tell the two types of compost apart because they are unlablled. They do look subtly different however and one has a little bit of rubbish in it - I suspect that might the vegetable one since it's made from brown bin waste... however having said that farms often have a lot of plastic knocking about on them so could be either! Both have a lovely dark colour and have a fine texture but also with some slightly larger woody looking bits. The larger bits certainly don't get in the way of making a seedbed and I think it would be suitable to use as a fine compost to use in pots to start seeds in. In one of them you can see plenty of white fungal filaments aswell which is great

  • slightly more plastic than I would like or expect

  • Rich looking fine-grained compost

  • Top quality product and very good as a soil conditioner

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