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Earth Cycle Firewood Logs are fully seasoned from sustainable sources of woodland in West Sussex and Hampshire. They have been fully seasoned for over a year and have very low moisture content. Our logs are cut to 8-10” and contain a hardwood mix of Ash, Silver Birch, Hazel and Cherry.

Earth Cycle Firewood Seasoned Logs Hardwood Mix
Ash – Excellent burning wood with low moisture content. Ash has a good flame and produces plenty of heat
Birch – Has a very good heat and produces a bright flame. Birch produces a nice aroma and works well when mixed with other slow burning woods
Hazel – Provides good heat and burns well without spitting
Cherry – Burns very slowly and produces a lovely heat. Cherry also produces a nice scent and does not spit



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Feefo reviews

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  • Good quality, seasoned and delivered as advertised

  • See previous. Logs fine. Disappointed re real practice on log bags vs stated practice.

  • Already responded re delivery cost.

  • Price is creeping up, but I will still use Earthcycle

  • Good logs! Some maybe need a little chopping for our stove - but I quite like that

  • Product not as ordered , delivery note says 8-10 inches all smaller than.8 inches some not much better than kindling

  • A good price considering everything has gone up in price

  • I thought the wood would have ben delivered in smaller, environmentally friendly sacks without pallets. Instead they were delivered in large, what seem to be plastic / non-recylclable bags on pallets. Earth Cycle seems misleading.

  • Slightly expensive, but no overly so

  • Massive increase in the price in two months

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