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BS3882 Multi-Purpose Topsoil

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Why you should use our BS3882 Multi-Purpose Topsoil

Our BS3882 Multi-Purpose Topsoil is a sandy loam top soil that is produced with our PAS100 compost that is certified to BS 3882:2015 specification for topsoil. This topsoil is for multi-purpose use and provides good support for the growth of vegetation. It is suitable for most applications used in the garden or landscaping situations.

Our BS3882 Multi-Purpose Topsoil slowly releases nutrients and oxygen and can drain excess water whilst retaining enough moisture to sustain plant health during droughts.

BS3882 Multi-Purpose Topsoil


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Feefo reviews

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  • We’ve had topsoil from this supplier before and it was as you’d hope and expect. This last occasion it was loamy, pale, and full of grit and gravel (and more rubbish than you’d expect). The company listened to our complaint and helped in an appropriate way.

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