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Tree and Shrub Topsoil

Tree and Shrub Topsoil

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How to use Earth Cycle Tree and Shrub Topsoil

Earth Cycle Tree and Shrub Topsoil is ideal for planting trees and shrubs or for topping up existing beds as it is rich with a perfect balance of natural organic nutrients and humus, with strong moisture retention ability.


Planting a tree with Tree and Shrub Topsoil

  • Dig a hole large enough to for the root ball of the tree or shrub you wish to plant. Make sure the hole is around twice the width of the root ball.

  • Place a small amount of Earth Cycle Tree and Shrub Topsoil in the base of the hole and press down firmly being careful not to over compact the soil.

  • Free the roots as much as you can from the root ball so that they radiate out from the centre.

  • Place the tree in the hole and make sure the depth is correct. Add additional Tree and Shrub Topsoil to the bottom of the hole to raise the tree up if necessary. 

  • Holding the tree upright, fill the hole in the areas around the root ball with Earth Cycle Tree and Shrub Topsoil. Gently press down the soil around the root ball and fill in any low areas with more topsoil.

  • Build a soil mound around the tree 1ft from the trunk to create an area that will later hold water for the newly planted tree.

  • Place a stake in the ground close the tree and tie it to help the tree grow up straight until the roots have established themselves in the new ground.

  • Fill the inner of the soil mound you created earlier with water around the trunk and add more Tree and Shrub Topsoil to the mound to hold the water in if needed.

  • Cover the base of the tree with Earth Cycle Woodland Mulch or Ornamental Bark to provide a mulch that will help retain moisture and provide weed suppression.

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Tree and Shrub Topsoil


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Feefo reviews

based on 3 reviews.

  • Fantastic soil. Moisture retaining really seems to work and our new tree and shrub are looking good. Great service.

  • Full of rocks and clay. Meant to be topsoil for my lawn. Completely ruined it

  • It’s topi soil and did what it was meant for!

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