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Earth Cycle Top soils Newport: Manufactured from high quality screened soil. Packed and delivered to Newport for your Garden.

We are suppliers to landscapers and garden lovers around Newport and the surrounding areas across Wales. Our deliveries are tailored to your needs and you can choose a delivery date that fits you from five working days. We do ask that there is someone present for our deliveries and if you have specialist directions please let us know and we will try and accommodate. We can deliver over a tonne of top soil and numerous bulk bags to your address and if you are thinking of adding another bag of topsoil or another one of our products, we can deliver it in one shipment.

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Topsoil is a vital element for landscaping projects and gardening use, and can be utilized for a variety of things such as laying a lawn, sowing seeds and planting vegetables and flowers.


We create all of our Topsoil Supreme with the best quality screened soil combined with our peat-free compost to create a flexible top soil that will work for all your gardening requirements. Topsoil supreme is perfect for new gardens, vegetable plots, raised bed borders and rockeries. In order to give your plants and vegetables an extra boost of nutrients we blend Top Soil Supreme with 30% Compost Soil Conditioner.


If your lawn is looking a bit tired and drab, Lawn Supreme is the perfect product for you. By putting it underneath new turf, seeding grass and levelling out your lawn, it can improve the look and quality of your lawn. Similar to Topsoil Supreme, we mix it with soil and compost to continually strengthen the grass.


Our BS3882 is a sand based product which is predominantly used for landscaping and in and around building and infrastructure projects where a technical certificate is required. Great for use in the garden as it’s full of nutrients which will help it retain the vital water it needs. An ideal solution to be used on the lawn next to paving slabs, fence panels, bricks and gravel. It will quickly soak up any surrounding water. Earth Cycle’s BS3882 Topsoil is certified to BS3882:2015 specification for the grade ‘Multi-Purpose Top Soil’.


Turf Dressing Rootzone is saturated with key nutrients that will help form sturdy, hardwearing grass. It’s perfect for use top dressing lawns, laying turf, divot filling and sowing seeds into. We produce it using high-quality peat free compost, mixed with sand and screened to 5mm for the ultimate impact. This is a great product to use when filing hollows in the grass surface, and with frequent application will help build a solid foundation for your turf.

Wildflower Top Soil

Wildflowers need less nutrients than most plants so we've developed a topsoil for wildflowers that has the perfect level of nutrients for them. Perfect for sowing seeds in March and April.



We package all our products with our customer’s convenience in mind. Our products are supplied in 750 litres or 1 cubic metre bags depending on the size. All our soils are kept at a high-quality standard whatever the weather by storing them safely undercover.

At Earth Cycle we are extremely proud to be a brand that stands for and sells ethically produced products. They’re made from recycled waste, created by the Woodhorn Group who have a strong environmental focus. It is essential for us that all our products are kept at the finest quality and are workable regardless of the weather.

We offer a wide range of gardening and landscaping products, such as Wood Chippings, Logs, Ornamental Bark, Turf Dressing and Soil Conditioners. We deliver products nationally, including Newport and the surrounding areas. All our product prices are inclusive of VAT.

For more information regarding our delivery service to Newport or for any information regarding our top soil, please speak to one of our team.