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Topsoil Portsmouth

Quality topsoil for your garden

  • Topsoil Supreme

    High-quality soil is mixed with peat-free compost to make our top soil supreme. This mixture is then ready for use in the garden for many different jobs, without a compromise on quality.

    If you’re developing a brand-new garden in Portsmouth, this is the product you need. It was specially created for use in rockeries, raised beds and vegetable patches. To give your plants a helping hand, with organic matter and vital nutrients, we mix our Topsoil Supreme with 30% of the Compost Soil Conditioner.

  • Lawn Supreme

    Lawn Supreme is the perfect blend of our compost and high-quality topsoil. Having the organic matter readily put down in preparation for creating the perfect lawn is essential for germination, growth, strength and vigour. With Lawn Supreme, you can’t go wrong.

  • BS3882 Topsoil Portsmouth

    Blended to a rate of 60/40 sand to organic peat-free compost, most new builds will benefit greatly from having our BS3882:2015 certified topsoil. It is also perfect general-purpose topsoil that can be used both around infrastructures, on beds and borders and in preparation for turfing. Some soils in situ can also be quite clay-like in consistency. Our BS3882:2015 dug in will break up the clay matter, creating a loamier matter with which to plant in.

  • Turf Dressing Rootzone

    Turf Dressing Rootzone was fashioned for top dressing lawns, as a turf foundation, divot filler and for sowing seeds, to produce strong grass. It is manufactured using peat-free compost, which is blended with sand and screened to 5mm. If there are any hollows in the surface of the grass, they can be filled with using Turf Dressing Rootzone and if you continue to use the product, it will provide a sturdy structure for lawns and turf.

  • Wildflower Topsoil

    It is becoming more common to reintroduce beautiful native wildflowers back in our gardens and parks, not to mention essential for pollinators such as bees and butterflies. For this reason, every garden should have a wildflower element to it. Our special blend of quality washed sand with a small quantity of organic peat-free compost provides the perfect low fertility mass for giving wildflowers both the good drainage and health needed for sustained growth.

Earth Cycle topsoils are manufactured from high-quality screened soil. Packed and delivered to Portsmouth for your garden.

At Earth Cycle, we are leading providers of all the supplies garden and landscaper enthusiasts need in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas. This includes Havant, Waterlooville, Hayling Island, Horndean, Gosport and Fareham.

Our standard bulk bags can hold 750 litres of our premium peat-free topsoils. Our team can deliver to anywhere in Portsmouth during the working week.

If you need a particular time, speak to our team and we’ll try to accommodate. We would ask that someone be present to accept the delivery.

We supply a variety of garden supplies including topsoil, bark, turf, mulch, bark, sand and logs. Our products and services are of the highest quality and ethically sourced.

If you require multiple products, we can deliver orders to Portsmouth and surrounding areas like Havant, Waterlooville and Fareham, in one shipment.

What to expect from our products

Our products are delivered in convenient bulk bags that are able to fit 750 litres or 1 cubic metre depending on the product. All of our topsoils are stored undercover, ensuring that they are kept to a high standard and are workable whatever the weather.

Earth Cycle are a brand of ethically produced products, made from recycled waste, created by The Woodhorn Group, who have a strong environmental focus. Find out more about our processes in the video above.

We also offer a wide variety of gardening and landscaping products as well as Top Soil, such as Mulches, Logs, Turf, Turf dressing and Soil Conditioners. We deliver all of our products nationally, including supplies to Portsmouth and the surrounding areas. All of the prices for our products and deliveries are inclusive of VAT.

If you would like more information regarding our delivery service to Portsmouth and Hampshire including Basingstoke, Southampton, Waterlooville, Cowplain, Havant, Hayling Island and surrounding HANTS postcodes. Feel free to contact us or alternatively you can speak to one of our staff with the following phone number: 01243 781730

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