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Lawn Supreme Topsoil

Product Details

Grow a lush and healthy lawn with our Lawn Topsoil

Organic lawn topsoil is loaded with nutrients that revitalise tired lawns and boost soil fertility. It is ideal for creating new lawns and creates the perfect base for laying turf. With the right components of soil and compost, levelling your lawn becomes an easy task. With our high-quality lawn topsoil, you can build a beautiful lawn from scratch or revitalise an existing one.

Why choose our Lawn Topsoil?

  1. Nutrient-rich composition: The composition of our lawn topsoil is nutrient-rich, providing your grass with the perfect balance of essential nutrients. Providing roots with nutrients and promoting vigorous growth, our lawn topsoil promotes vibrant colour and vigorous growth.

  2. Drainage and moisture retention: With its ideal texture and drainage, our lawn topsoil allows for excellent drainage while retaining essential moisture to help keep your lawn healthy during droughts and heavy rains. Waterlogging is also prevented by improved drainage, which can lead to root rot and other grass problems.

  3. Enhances soil structure: The soil in your garden can become compacted and deprived of critical nutrients over time. By loosening compacted areas and introducing important organic matter, our lawn topsoil improves soil structure. The process can help to improve root growth, nutrient absorption, and overall soil health.

  4. Expertly blended for lawns: Our lawn topsoil, whether cool-season or warm-season grass, offers the optimal condition for effective seed germination, robust root development, and healthy growth.

Lawn Supreme Topsoil


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Feefo reviews

based on 6 reviews.

  • Was expecting topsoil, first 1/4 of the pallet was good the rest was full of stones and twigs, really disappointed.

  • It wasn't as good quality as I was led to believe from the advertising

  • excellent quality; I've been asked already for your details by a neighbour

  • Good product, just what we wanted.

  • Good product, good use of local green waste

  • Excellent quality to the bottom of the bag.

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