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High-quality products for new lawns or lawn maintenance. Packed and delivered to London for your garden

Our turf is ideal for a variety of purposes from making your garden look fresh to landscaping projects. We are also a leading supplier of topsoils which are finely graded to ensure a level surface can be achieved in preparation for seed or turf.

Our turf is grown on sandy soils in Suffolk and is widely used in London and across the south of the UK

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Why choose Earth Cycle as your turf supplier?

If you are looking at turfing your garden, our turf offers premium quality as it is weed-free and is grown on sandy soil. This makes the turf lightweight, making it much easier to handle when laying and turfing your garden. The turf we supply also has some disease-resistance qualities and is hard-wearing making it that much easier to maintain.

Our high-quality Turf Dressing Rootzone is 100% peat-free and is designed for top dressing lawns, divot filling, laying turf onto and sowing seed into. If you have seen a patchy area when mowing your grass and have seen your turf deteriorate over the seasons, our Turf Dressing is ideal to bring back your lawn to its former glory, revitalising your garden to make your lawn patch-free and green.

Our soil improves drainage for the grass root structure because it contains sand and this provides resistance to weed invasion and drought. It also provides enhanced durability and stimulates strong root growth, creating vitality in grass that leads to a vibrant colour and a fuller stem.

The excellent traits of our turf make it ideal for lawns next to paving slabs, driveways, fencing or a patio.

We also have a complete range of sports turf products from divot mixes and fairway dressings for golf clubs to sport rootzone and pitch dressings for football and rugby clubs.
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