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12 Sep

None of us want to admit that the summer is coming to an end!!!! :(

However, I personally love September. It marks the start of new beginnings in my mind. This must be ingrained from school, but also we all like to enjoy summer so I think we sit back and observe more. September marks a 'waking up' period for me. Plus, I love the garden and green space colour changes.

On that note, it is time to start looking after the garden, ready for the dreaded winter period. Lawns tend to suffer in the winter and can become water logged. Now is the perfect time to dress your lawn with rootzone.

To dress an existing lawn, apply a layer of Turf dressing rootzone at 1/4-1/2" depth and brush/rake in. The brushing will stimulate new growth and enhance response as the mix of sand and compost will penetrate to the roots of the grass.

It is not essential, but best practice is to aerate the lawn. To aerate the lawn hollow tine the soil (take out plugs of soil with a hollow tine tool) and brush in a layer of 1/4 to 1/2" of Turf Dressing rootzone. This can be done with the back of a rake. The plugs create a space in the lawn to reduce compaction and the rootzone gets to the roots of the grass quickly to feed your lawn and improve drainage.

If needing to repair the lawn in areas, apply a 1/4" of rootzone in area for repair and overseed with chosen grass seed.

Need a new lawn? If sowing a new lawn into soil, apply a layer of 1/2-1" depth of turf dressing rootzone and sow grass seed into it. Remember to water regularly and protect from birds to see fast growth.

Can't wait for seed to grow? Well use rootzone at a layer of 1/2-1" depth before the laying the turf. This will aid root establishment and feed the turf.

We love our products, but we would. Don't just take our word for it, the professionals use Earth Cycle too. Our customers could also help you with your lawn requirements:

"I have for the last six years run TruGreen Sussex ltd offering a professional Lawncare programme for mostly the domestic market! But I also care for a number of Bowling Greens in and around the West Sussex and Surrey area. I have used the Earth Cycle Range of top dressings to great effect over the last few years and have been really pleased with the results they have given me and my customers! The Rootzone range has been great for all the different types of soil conditions that I incur in my area!"
Simon Grout, Proprietor TruGreen Sussex: 01903 741082 

See our product page on Earth Cycle Turf Dressing rootzone: here 

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