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Bark Chips From Earth Cycle – The Perfect Mulch
13 Feb

The ornamental bark chips from Earth Cycle is produced from conifer and spruce trees with most of the chips being between 8 and 35mm.

These durable, long lasting bark chips are ideal for water retention and suppressing weed growth.  The water retention properties of the bark chips help in the healthy growth of plants, whilst protecting them from frost in the winter months.

Adding a mulch such as bark chips to your garden encourages worms and other organisms that benefit the soil.

Bark Chips can be used for both visual impact and other functional tasks:

  • They are Great for making borders and flowers beds tidier
  • Help with garden maintenance by suppressing the growth of weeds
  • Keeps moisture in soil for longer during the summer.
  • Helps the soil from eroding quickly in severe wet weather
  • Great for root insulation during the winter months


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