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National Wine Week
25 May

Wine growing in the UK

There are more than 430 vineyards in England and Wales, with the majority based here in the South East.

The average vineyard covers 3.3 hectares and there are no less than 1,500 hectares of vineyards across the country.

In 2016 wine made in East and West Sussex accounted for about a quarter of the total wine produced in England and with over 50 vineyards, Sussex produces more wine than any other county in the UK.


So how does this tie in with us?

Well, apart from the obvious love of wine and the sheer continued success of growers in the UK, we just fancied pointing out that UK vineyards have started using our mulch!

In vineyards, mulch is generally applied beneath the vines and includes materials such as cereal straw, wood chippings, cover crop ‘slashings’ and plastic film.

Mulch has many benefits, not just to vineyard but to all crops. It acts as a weed suppressant, improves water retention and also helps to regulate the temperature of the topsoil.

Among our many customers from all sectors that enjoy the benefits of our mulches and other products, we are proud to mention a local Sussex vineyard, Pookchurch. In just three seasons, they have established, cultivated and in 2018 harvested their first crop to local winemakers!

For more information on Pookchurch, go to www.pookchurch.co.uk


So if you feel you need an excuse for a celebratory tipple, hold up a glass this week in honour of our continued success in producing top quality English wine!

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