Reducing our need for single use plastic with your delivery


We at Earth Cycle understand all too well the impact that excess plastic has on our environment. Packaging and the impact of single use plastic has become a problem that is by far on the top of our planetary agenda. Because of this we have been thinking long and hard about how we can continue to supply our top quality organic peat-free products, but in a way that reduces packaging to an absolute minimum, thus helping to stem the flow of unecessary plastic seeping into landfill and our precious oceans.

Over the last few weeks we have removed the plastic shrink wrap we used to place around the bulk bags for delivery. This was previously done as a precautionary measure to prevent any compost or topsoil spilling during transit, and to protect the product from rain once delivered. The use of this single-use plastic never sat well with us considering the Earth Cycle ethos of providing sustainable gardening products, but we felt that this was necessary at the time. We have since tested delivering bulk bags without this protective cover and have had positive feedback from our customers. We have therefore removed this unnecessary and potentially environmentally damaging layer of packaging from our bulk bags and have since found no effect on the quality of delivery to your door.

Going forward, our aim in 2020 is to phase out the standard Earth Cycle branded and coloured bulk bag you have come to expect, and instead deliver in plain white bags which can be widely recycled by simply putting them in your recycling bin. Removing the branding on our bags is a small sacrifice we feel is necessary to help our customers in their efforts to garden in a sustainable way, and help to reduce the amount of plastic that is directed to landfill.

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