Tips for Growing Bamboo


Nothing looks and sounds more beautiful and soothing than the gentle swaying of bamboo in a breeze and sitting under a bamboo canopy on a summer’s day can bring peace and tranquillity to any soul

Here are a few tips on different ways to grow bamboo in your garden:

If you’re growing in a container, you want a big one, and ceramic.

If growing in the ground, beware that the roots will shoot out far from the original plant and bamboo has a bad reputation for being invasive and very hard to get rid of once established.

Dig a hole twice as big as the root ball, then line it with either ceramic paving or a specific plastic membrane to contain the plants.

Pop some compost in the bottom (you want a compost that is high in nitrogen, like our Cow Compost, but our Beds and Borders Compost is also full of nutrients)

Fill the hole with a nice soil which drains well. Our Topsoil Supreme is a blend of topsoil, compost, and sand so will be ideal for this purpose.

Finish with more compost and you may want to add a small layer of decorative mulch such as Composted Bark


Bamboo is so good at being trained to bend in all manner of shapes, creating archways, arbours, and even domes. Try this for yourself in your garden by staking the young saplings and manipulating them with wire as they grow. You can then make the best use of the smallest space with bamboo. 

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