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What is peat?

Peat is basically partially-decomposed plant material that has been built up over thousands of years in wetland areas. It comprises of acid-loving plants mostly native to bogs such as mosses, sedges and shrubs. Peat holds water as it accumulates and this is one of the reasons it is still widely used in horticulture.

Why go peat free?

  • Peat is more often than not sourced from lowland bogs. This is an increasingly rare habitat in the UK and as a result we have an ever growing number of now endangered or protected flora and fauna.
  • According to government statistics, since records began we have seen a reduction of up to 94% in lowland bog areas in the UK and this has prompted us to think about a more environmentally-sustainable product.

How can I reduce peat in my garden?

There are a few things we can do in our gardens to help reduce the amount of peat used.

  • Only buy plants that have been grown in peat-free conditions
  • Use peat free compost in your garden, such as our range of composts.
  • Recycle as much as possible your old compost from pots, as this will help to stop demand
  • Make your own compost from veg and salad waste and peelings mixed with your garden waste.

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For more information on the perfect recipe for making your own compost, The Eden Project has a lovely page dedicated to creating the perfect heap

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