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Top Tips for How to Build a New Lawn
25 Jul

The lawn is a key component to any garden. With it being the centre to most gardening and outdoor activities, you will want to ensure that when constructing a new lawn it is done correctly. To help make this process as easy as possible, here are some tips for building a new lawn.

• Remove old turf and fix any gradient problems.

• Aim to create a perfectly level seedbed, whether you are using seed or turf. The area will need digging over to loosen the surface soil and then any debris, stones and weeds should be removed, to leave a clear surface.

• Construct a firm, flat surface by rolling the area or walking over it, breaking down any large lumps. Then with a fine rake or loot (special tool for levelling soil), level the area getting a nice flat surface.

Sometimes the quality of the existing soil isn’t workable and if this is the case a nutrient rich topsoil should be applied across the area at a depth of 25mm or 30mm. Furthermore, by adding topsoil it will enable the grass seed or turf to quickly get established. Earth Cycle’s Topsoil Supreme or Rootzone are all suitable for this application.

Once the soil has been improved and the surface is level, the area is now ready to grass seed or apply turf. When laying the turf it is best not to walk on the prepared soil, but instead work from a pair of short planks, allowing you to spread your weight.

• Place the turf in position, roll out and butt joints tightly together, ensuring no gaps are left.

• Lay the following row butted up to the first so that joints are staggered, similar to a brick work pattern.

• Repeat the previous step until all areas are covered.

As you’re working along the turf we would recommend to have a load of soil with you, so that you are able to fill any hollows you notice as you lay. Earth Cycle’s Topsoil Supreme can also be used for this and is ideal for filling in any tiny gaps. Once finished, make sure the area is well watered and don’t hesitate to water again in dry spells, until the grass is well established. This will then ensure that your new lawn is ready for everyone to enjoy.

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