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We are winners of the ‘2013 LKL Dairy Team of the Year’!
05 Jul
Our dairy team consisting of Graham, Tracy and Callum, pictured below, were presented with their award at the UK Livestock Show at the NEC in Birmingham on 3 July. This is a fantastic achievement and richly deserved.

The other finalists were clearly of an exceptional standard, including one 900 cow herd with a team of 15.  The judge from Kingshay stated that 'the four finalists demonstrate outstanding achievements and between them many farmers could potentially learn significant lessons from some of their practices'.

Announcing the Woodhorn team as winners, the judge praised their attitude 'under challenging conditions they never complain and get on with any problems placed in their way' and that 'Woodhorn provides a good example to all herds, both organic and conventional'.

They were chosen as winners due to 'consistently good long term results, using solid fundamental principles, dealing with tough challenges in such a positive manner and helping a new team member get up to speed'.

The judge also commented on the support from 'the arable team, vets, consultants etc' and I would also like to say thank you to all of those that support the dairy team in many different ways.

Many congratulations!

John Pitts, Managing Director

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