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Why Peat Free Compost is the Greener Way Forward


Using peat free compost can be a step into the unknown for some gardeners, but once taken we’re sure you will never look back. Like us, the Royal Horticultural Society is a strong pioneer for going peat free; they are passionate about changing gardening behaviours and are “committed to reducing peat wherever practicable”.

Many are unaware of the detrimental affects that peat has on our environment, as harvesting peat from peat bogs destroys fragile ecosystems that have taken millions of years to develop and releases carbon into the atmosphere thus contributing to global warming. “Is peat-free as effective?” we hear you cry, well you will be pleased to discover that contrary to myth, peat free compost is packed full of all the essential nutrients and organic matter required to help your garden grow to its very best. So not only does it benefit your garden but it also has a positive impact on environment.

Unlike many brands, our topsoils and composts are 100% peat free, yet are used for a vast variety of gardening and landscaping projects. Peat free or reduced peat products are now made from a variety of different materials, such as wood, bark, coir and green waste. Here at The Woodhorn Group, we diversified into green waste recycling back in 2002 and this is how we create our peat free composts and soil conditioners. By producing our compost from recycled green waste we are reducing the amount of waste that would’ve been sent to landfill which in turn helps to reduce carbon emissions.

Earth Cycle Manager Mike Jupp believes having a product that fits a need for a customer is great, but also having one that benefits climate change is fantastic. Most would think that going peat free will diminish growing ability and that users will not achieve the same results in the garden as with peat. Yet, peat free products have been tried and tested by a variety of sources and all are extremely pleased with the outcome.

Peat free topsoil and compost is a step in the right direction for the environment and for the health of your garden. By using our peat free products you will see that it is easy to go green, in more ways than one!

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