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Vegetable Compost Soil Conditioner

Product Details

Benefits of our Vegetable Compost Soil Conditioner

Earth Cycle’s Vegetable Compost Soil Conditioner is perfect for mixing into the soil of your existing vegetable patch. All the nutrients needed are released over many weeks as the peat free organic compost breaks down naturally in the soil. This natural slow release sustains strong root growth, flowering and fruiting and keeps foliage green and healthy by injecting the zest your vegetable patch requires.

How to use our Vegetable Compost Soil Conditioner

  • For brassicas, peas, beans or sweet peas, dig and cover the bottom of a trench with our vegetable compost soil conditioner, then fill the trench with a mix of one part vegetable compost soil conditioner and three parts soil.
  • For planting cucumbers, tomatoes and other vegetables, fill the hole with a mix of one part vegetable compost soil conditioner and three parts soil.

How do we make our compost?

Our organic compost is made from recycled garden cuttings from local doorstep collections, civic amenity tips and deliveries into our composting site from local landscapers.

After being inspected, this is then shredded and formed into batches before being put through a sanitisation and stabilisation process over 14 weeks before being screened to the desired size. The final product is tested at regular intervals to ensure it is PAS100 certified - an industry recognised standard.

Nutritional Analysis


Total mg/litre

Water Soluble mg/litre

Nitrogen (N)



Phosphorous (P)



Potassium (K)



Calcium (Ca)



Magnesium (Mg)



Sulphur (S)



Iron (Fe)



Typical Properties*:



Bulk Density

0.525 g/litre





Electrical Conductivity

1365 us/cm


 *Typical properties and nutrients are based on latest laboratory testing. This product conforms with PAS100:2018 and the latest Compost Quality Protocol and uses compost derived from recycled green waste.

Vegetable Compost Soil Conditioner


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Feefo reviews

based on 14 reviews.

  • We have used for years - our soil is almost pure sand and this has turned my vegetable beds into a rich dark nutrient rich soil. Highly recommended.

  • Great organic matter but so much plastic mixed in

  • Does seem to be helping break up the clay rich soil in our raised beds. Some evidence of small plastic bits but prob to be expected if originating from multiple sources.

  • If this years crops are like those of the past I will be very pleased with the results. The compost is a fine grade which makes planting direct into it so easy. Two bags have covered six beds up to six meters long and are worth the cost.

  • Efficient delivery. Product looks good and has mixed in well in our raised beds.

  • Turns my sand int great veg growing soil

  • Fantastic soil. Thank you so much

  • Excellent service and product.

  • Delivered right to where we wanted it in the garden

  • Excellent quality product

  • As mentioned above I can't tell the two types of compost apart because they are unlablled. They do look subtly different however and one has a little bit of rubbish in it - I suspect that might the vegetable one since it's made from brown bin waste... however having said that farms often have a lot of plastic knocking about on them so could be either! Both have a lovely dark colour and have a fine texture but also with some slightly larger woody looking bits. The larger bits certainly don't get in the way of making a seedbed and I think it would be suitable to use as a fine compost to use in pots to start seeds in. In one of them you can see plenty of white fungal filaments aswell which is great

  • Very good product that we mixed into our flower beds

  • Very easy to use too early to tell how effective it is

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