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Beds and Borders Compost Soil Conditioner

Planting in raised bed compost

Product Details

Benefits of our Beds and Borders Compost Soil Conditioner

Earth Cycle’s Beds and Borders Compost Soil Conditioner is a peat free organic soil conditioner that is full of nutrients that are ideal for your beds and borders. 

If your soil is heavy then it will improve the drainage and aeration, but if your soil is light and sandy then plenty of body will be added. This organic compost soil conditioner naturally suppresses plant diseases and improves soil fertility as vital humus and plant nutrients are added, encouraging healthy plant growth.  

Our beds and borders compost soil conditioner enriches moisture retention, which improves the drought resistance in the soil. This means that more moisture is available for your plants during dry periods, which is critical for them to flourish, giving your garden that award winning look. You can complement this compost with our Beds and Borders Topsoil.

How to use our Beds and Borders Compost Soil Conditioner  


  • Pre-dressing flower beds with our Beds and Borders Compost Soil Conditioner will give better blooms. Apply a 50mm (2”) layer and gently fork in or leave as a mulch

Roses, Trees and Shrubs

  • Dig a hole twice the diameter of the root-ball; at least 30cm (1 ft) if planting a bare root
  • Mix one part of our Beds and Borders Compost Soil Conditioner to three parts of soil
  • Place some of the mix in the bottom of the hole and refill around the roots
  • Firm in and water well
  • Continue to water well during the first season

How do we make our compost?

Our organic compost is made from recycled garden cuttings from local doorstep collections, civic amenity tips and deliveries into our composting site from local landscapers.

After being inspected, this is then shredded and formed into batches before being put through a sanitisation and stabilisation process over 14 weeks before being screened to the desired size. The final product is tested at regular intervals to ensure it is PAS100 certified - an industry recognised standard.

Nutritional Analysis


Total mg/litre

Water Soluble mg/litre

Nitrogen (N)



Phosphorous (P)



Potassium (K)



Calcium (Ca)



Magnesium (Mg)



Sulphur (S)



Iron (Fe)



Typical Properties*:



Bulk Density

0.525 g/litre





Electrical Conductivity

1365 us/cm


 *Typical properties and nutrients are based on latest laboratory testing. This product conforms with PAS100:2018 and the latest Compost Quality Protocol and uses compost derived from recycled green waste.

Beds and Borders Compost Soil Conditioner


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Feefo reviews

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  • Delivery and presentation excellent. The compost is beautiful and I’m sure my garden loves it.

  • Looks very good on the borders, and I’m sure it will help the plants with moisture retention when (if) the weather warms up

  • Really quality product delivered on time.

  • Good product and friendly company to deal with. Also delivery company really obliging and friendly

  • Great product, would use again

  • Nice dry compost. Looks and feels like good stuff and easy to spread around.

  • Great stuff and I love having it in such a large quantity.

  • Bought this before and as usual it is excellent. Does exactly what it should do.

  • Easy on line ordering and well laid out delivery date

  • High quality soil improver.

  • All plants did exceptionally well last year with this product forked in to the beds.

  • Fully matured compost, no ‘knobbly’ bits!

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