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Topsoil uses

  • Top soil supreme

    Our Top soil Supreme is produced with excellent quality screened soil and blended with our peat free compost to create a multi-purpose topsoil for all your gardening needs. This 100% natural top soil is great for creating new gardens, vegetable plots, raised bed borders and rockeries. Our topsoil supreme is blended with 30% Compost Soil Conditioner, which supplies an extra boost of organic matter, ensuring your plants and vegetables have access to vital nutrients to help them prosper.

  • Lawn supreme

    Lawn Supreme is a perfect blend of our compost and quality soil. Having the organic matter readily put down in preparation for creating the perfect lawn is essential for germination, growth, strength, not to mention vigour and with Lawn Supreme, you can’t go wrong.

  • Bs3882 topsoil

    Blended to a rate of 60/40 sand to organic peat-free compost, most new builds will benefit greatly from having our BS3882:2015 certified topsoil. It is also a perfect general purpose topsoil which can be used both around infrastructures, on beds and borders and also in preparation for turfing. Some soils in situ can also be quite clay-like in consistency and our BS3882:2015 dug in will break up the clay matter, creating a more loamy media with which to plant in. Top Soil’.

  • Turf dressing rootzone

    Spread our Turf Dressing Rootzone over bald patches of your lawn ready for seeding, or use it to completely reseed a patch of ground. With its equal mix of organic peat-free compost and quality silicone sand, our turf dressing is an ideal nutrient rich product for all of your turf needs. The 5mm grade is fine enough to allow shoots to germinate without the danger of clogging or suffocation.

  • Wildflower top soil

    Our Wildflower Topsoil is a blend of sand and peat-free compost which provides wildflowers with a high draining media, meeting the low fertility needs essential for growth. Most UK wildflowers require less nutrients than other varieties which makes our special blend perfect for creating a natural looking haven.

Earth Cycle Top soils are manufactured from high quality screened soil. Packed and delivered to Bath for your Garden.

We are suppliers to garden enthusiasts and landscapers in Bath and surrounding areas in the region, such as Bradford on Avon, Lacock, Claverton, Bathampton, Charlcombe, Easton, Bristol and Sommerset. We can ship your products on your most preferable date from five working days and if you would like a particular time please call to discuss whether this can be arranged. We do ask on collection from our deliveries there is someone present. We can deliver numerous bulk bags of topsoils to your address and if you were thinking of adding another one of our products to your order, we can deliver it in one shipment rather than separately.

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What to expect from out products

Our products are delivered in a convenient bulk bag that is able to fit 750 litres or 1 cubic meter depending on the product. All of our top soils are stored undercover, ensuring that they are kept to a high standard and are workable whatever the weather.

Earth Cycle are a brand of ethically produced products, made from recycled waste, created by The Woodhorn Group, who are a family run company that have a strong environmental focus. Find out more about our processes in the video above.

We also supply a wide range of gardening and landscaping products as well as being a supplier of Topsoil, such as MulchLogsOrnamental BarkTurf dressing and Soil Conditioners, if you need any advice regarding our products, get in touch. We deliver all of our products nationally, including supplies to Bath and the surrounding areas. All of the prices for our products available to buy are inclusive of VAT. Our quick and easy delivery service we provide to all customers is free.

For more information regarding our delivery service to Bath including Bradford on Avon, Lacock, Claverton, Bathampton, Charlcombe, Easton, Bristol, Somerset and the surrounding area in South West England. Do not hesitate to contact us here or alternatively you can speak to our customer service team today with the following phone number: 01243 781730

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