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Earth Cycle Gardening Guide


Monthly gardening guide

We’ve put together a handy monthly gardening guide so you can make the most out of your garden all year round!

Click the link below for your monthly guide:

Earth Cycle Month-By-Month Gardening Guide

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Quality products for your garden

  • Topsoils

    Earth Cycle has a wide variety of peat-free and organic topsoils available, ranging from Topsoil Supreme to Beds & Borders Topsoil. Browse through our range of topsoil to find the right product for your garden project.

  • Compost

    Our range of green waste-derived organic compost is compliant to PAS100 standards and certified for use in organic systems by OF&G (Organic Farmers & Growers). Our range of composts provides the nutrients your soil needs for plants to flourish.

    No matter what project you are working on in your garden, we have the right compost, ranging from Spring Mulch to Cow Compost.

  • Bark and Mulches

    Our range of bark mulch, decorative bark, and play chips are suitable for a wide range of applications from improving the appearance of your garden to providing safety for children’s play areas.


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