What to plant in April


The best flowers, vegetables and fruits to plant in April

April is finally upon us, and after a rather water-logged start to the year, let’s hope that the sun comes out to give our gardens some much-needed sunshine! 

April is a busy time of the year for gardeners and allotment owners; with the days getting longer and the warmer weather coming in, it’s a prime time to get planting. 

In this handy blog, we’ll go through some of the best flowers, vegetables and fruits to plant in your outdoor space this April for a successful harvest and a blooming garden.

tomato and cucumber plant

How to prepare your ground for April planting

There are some quick things you can do to your soil to help improve it ready for the planting season. Here’s a quick run-down:

Remove debris – Remove as much debris as you can including rocks, stones, sticks and other debris that might have found its way into your garden

Add organic matter – Adding organic matter helps with drainage, can help to make digging easier, adds vital nutrients to the soil, and can help to ‘bulk’ up sandy soils. 

Loosen up the soil – Dig up the soil to loosen it up a bit to help with root growth. You can use the ‘double-dig method’ here to loosen it up! Read our handy double digging blog post for more information on how to do this.

What vegetables to plant in April

We’ve picked a handful of vegetables for you to plant in your vegetable garden in April. Our vegetable compost is great to use in your vegetable gardens as it slowly releases nutrients for strong root growth.


Beetroot is a go-to for vegetable growers and beginner gardeners as it is a relatively easy crop to grow. They thrive in fertile and well-drained soil and grow just as well in pots, so if you don’t have a garden bed, pots will be just fine.


Carrots like stone-free soil, as stones and other debris can affect their growth, and they like moist soil with plenty of sunshine. Sow your carrot seeds in April for a summer harvest. 


You need to sow your lettuce seeds in trays and keep them covered whilst they are establishng. Once they have grown out and can be handled, you can plant them outside in your vegetable patch. 


Asparagus are perennial plants so can grow year after year! They like partial sun, so if you have a spot that gets some shade, this would be the perfect place to plant. To make the most out of this crop, try not to harvest them for the first couple of seasons, it might be hard not to but it will be worth it!

What flowers to plant in April

Sowing flower seeds in April will help to bring some colour and life to your outdoor spaces. Our Beds and Borders Compost and Spring Mulch are fantastic organic composts to help with drainage and aeration. Here are a few choice flowers for you to plant in April:


Sunflowers are a perfect flower to plant in April for the summer. You can sow indoors on a nice and sunny window sill and once they are sturdy, or around 30cm tall, you can then plant them outside in a sunny spot in the garden. Or you can re-pot them and put the pots outside in the sun.



Poppies are easy to sow as you simply just need to scatter the seeds over levelled soil. Give the soil water once sown, and should flower in the summer or autumn. If you don’t see much growth this season, don’t worry, they might really come into their own next summer!


These daisy-like plants come in lots of different shades like maroon, pink, white and orange. They are great for attracting birds, bees and butterflies so are perfect to bring some life to your garden.


Wildflowers usually grow best when sowing in the Autumn, but they can also sow seeds in the Spring. If you are planning on growing a wildflower garden, then read our handy tips on growing wildflowers. You can also use our Wildflower Topsoil to help your wildflowers thrive.

What fruits to plant in April


You can plant strawberry runners in April or in pots and you should see some growth in as little as a few weeks. They are also great to plant in hanging baskets which will help you keep them out of reach of slugs and snails.


Yes, tomatoes are fruits! April is the last time of the year to sow your tomato seeds, so get sowing now! We’ve got a helpful tips of growing tomatoes blog to give you all the info you need!

Fruit Trees

Citrus plants and pot-grown fruit trees can be grown throughout the year, but sorting them out in the early spring is a good time to enjoy them later on in the year. Our growing citrus fruits blog has some helpful advice if you want to learn more.


April gardening challenges

It’s not all smooth sailing – or smooth planting – in April, there are plenty of challenges you should be aware of. Here are a few so you can keep one step ahead: 

Pests – Whilst pests are a nuisance all year round, slugs and snails love to nibble on new tender shoots. So, use as many organic different as possible at this early growing stage to give your plants a fighting chance! Look at this organic pest control blog post we have put together for more information.

Frost – Even though the weather should be getting warmer, we still might get a cold snap here and there. Keep an eye on the weather and if you have plants in pots, bring them inside or into a greenhouse, or use cloches or fleeces to protect tender plants from sudden frost.

Watering – You should ensure your newly planted plants are well watered, but April is famous for its showers. So make sure you are not over-watering if there has been a few bouts of rain!

Earth Cycle 

Here at Earth Cycle, we want to help you create some wonderful and inviting outdoor spaces. We provide organic and peat-free composts, topsoils and mulches, which can be delivered across the UK for free! So, if you are planning on doing some gardening or planting, Earth Cycle has all the products you need that can be delivered right to your door.

Not only do we sell fantastic organic products, but we also have plenty of help and advice when it comes to all things gardening. Be sure to check out our blog for helpful tips on growing and keeping your outdoor space in tip-top condition. 

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