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Compost Soil Conditioner

Product Details

Earth Cycle’s Peat-Free Compost Soil Conditioner is a nutrient-dense organic soil conditioner based on composted plant material. It's an ideal, all-round product for your general gardening and horticultural needs. It is fully compliant to PAS100 standard

It improves drainage and aeration in heavy clay soils and adds body to light sandy soils. The peat-free compost adds zing to your garden by enhancing moisture retention in the soil, allowing for improved drought resistance by injecting your plants with more moisture during dry periods. It boosts soil life leading to healthy soil microbial activity that helps to naturally suppress plant diseases, giving the finishing touch to any attractive garden.

Our Soil Conditioner provides vital humus and plant nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphate, potash and trace elements are added, encouraging healthy plant growth and helping them to flourish.

Compost Soil Conditioner


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